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How to participate

If you have a travel film, advertisement or other video productions, that you are proud of, be sure to participate in the XVI International Tourism Film Festival – Bulgaria "On The East Coast of Europe". The competition programme welcomes video productions from all over the world, presenting an utmost diversity of tourism topics – countries, regions, natural phenomena, cultural events and attractions, historic sites and museums, entertainment tours, gastronomic masterpieces, traditional customs and rituals, hotels and a lot more... everything that would fascinate the curious tourist.

The deadline for submitting entries has been extended until April 10, 2020, and the festival takes place on April 21-25, 2020. Due to the complicated international situation, all events and activities of the festival will be held online. 

We are looking forward to watching your travel videos and movies, so we can learn more about the nature and landmarks, the culture and history, the extreme experiences and pleasures offered by your tourism product or destination.


  1. Read the Rules&Regulations section.
  2. Register from the Login/ Registration button.
  3. Activate your profile from the link you'll receive via e-mail.
  4. Enter you profile.
  5. Enter “Competition 2020”.
  6. Choose and go to a Category and Subcategory.
  7. Go to “Participate”.
  8. Fill in the “Entry form” and click “Save”.
  9. Click the “File details” button.
  10. Send your film to our FTP server*. Attach a movie poster, fill in the “Brief description” and "Video format" fields.
  11. Click “Save”.
  12. If you want to participate with more films, send them all following steps 6-13.
  13. After you have submitted all your projects you can move on to payment by bank or with PayPal.
  14. Your video will become public once it’s been received and processed by the festival.

* Some browsers and mobile devices have issues accessing the FTP server. We recommend using File Explorer on Windows or a specialised FTP software, such as CoreFTP.

The main objectives

The main objectives of the Festival are:

  • To present to the public films and productions about tourist products and destinations;
  • To stimulate investments in tourism promotion of cultural and historical heritage;
  • To show the good practices and promote the latest trends in tourism filmmaking;
  • To rouse the interest of the tourist business and production companies towards tourism film products;
  • To encourage film industry professionals to turn their efforts and specialize in tourism filmmaking;
  • To create conditions for highly efficient promotional content.

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