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Voyages and adventures on a big screen

Voyages and adventures on a big screen

This year the participants and guests of the International Exhibition “Cultural Tourism” in Veliko Tarnovo will have the opportunity to experience the emotions of the newest and most interesting promotional tourism films that are currently competing in the International Tour Film Fest Bulgaria “ON THE EAST COAST OF EUROPE” on a big LED screen.

Its measurements are 3,5/2 meters and it will be installed on the stage in front of the Exhibition Hall. The program will consist of concerts, dance performances and films from all around the world – a cultural whirlwind that shines with such bright and colorful lights that will fascinate exhibitors and visitors and even passers-by.


The festival will welcome close to 60 foreign and bulagrian guests. We expect official attendances from the Director of CIFFT (International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals), directors of other tourism film festivals, filmmakers, producers, representatives of embassies, mayors and experts in tourism of Bulgarian municipalities, professionals in the tourism field and representatives of tourism shows among the media.


During a meeting on March 25th, the jury consisting of film professionals, academic lecturers and representatives of the tourism field selected the productions that will be awarded in the separate categories. The winners will receive unique statuettes, specially crafted from the painter Silvia Ilkova for the XV edition of the festival. She is famous for her incredible works with colored glass and ceramics. For each nominated producer we have prepared plaques, also originally designed.


You can see the screenings program of the nominees on the official festival website If you truly have a reasonable explanation to not visit Veliko Tarnovo on 18th, 19th and 20th, you can watch all the films on our website or our YouTube channel - Tour Film Fest Bulgaria.


The festival has been an annual event since 2005 as a part of the International Exhibition “Cultural Tourism”. Since 2014, the International Tour Film Fest Bulgaria “ON THE EAST COAST OF EUROPE” is a member of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals – CIFFT.

The festival is a part of the platform EFFE (Europe for Festivals and Festivals for Europe)

The main objectives

The main objectives of the Festival are:

  • To present to the public films and productions about tourist products and destinations;
  • To stimulate investments in tourism promotion of cultural and historical heritage;
  • To show the good practices and promote the latest trends in tourism filmmaking;
  • To rouse the interest of the tourist business and production companies towards tourism film products;
  • To encourage film industry professionals to turn their efforts and specialize in tourism filmmaking;
  • To create conditions for highly efficient promotional content.

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