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Prof. Dr. Lina Anastasova

Prof. Dr. Lina Anastasova
Prof. Dr. Lina Anastassova is a full time professor at Burgss Free University on Tourism marketing and head of the Marketing chair. She is experienced researcher in the field of Marketing and Marketing communications in Tourism, Destination and Hotel marketing. 
Lina Anastassova is since 10 years member of the Juree of International Tour Film Fest “On the Eastern Coast of Europe” – Veliko  Turnovo and thinks that this festival is an unique opportunity for the tourism destinations, hotels, tour operators etc. to present and promote their resources and strong sides to the potential visitors and tourists. Tourism is an industry based on hospitality and makes the world smaller and “warmer”.

"International tourism is the bridge between cultures, nations and religions in the era of international conflicts and contradictions."

The main objectives

The main objectives of the Festival are:

  • To present to the public films and productions about tourist products and destinations;
  • To stimulate investments in tourism promotion of cultural and historical heritage;
  • To show the good practices and promote the latest trends in tourism filmmaking;
  • To rouse the interest of the tourist business and production companies towards tourism film products;
  • To encourage film industry professionals to turn their efforts and specialize in tourism filmmaking;
  • To create conditions for highly efficient promotional content.

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