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Awards are bestowed on producers, people and organizations who invest in the making of tourism productions. This must be the private or juridical person in charge of creating, organizing and financing the production

One of the award-winning films from the categories above receives the GRAND PRIX for “The Best Promotional Tourism Production of the Festival”.

One of the nominees receives and award in every category and sub-category.

One SPECIAL JURY AWARD is assigned for a COMPONENT (scenario, directing, cinematography, film editing and sound design).

A SPECIAL AWARD for “Innovative tourism products” is assigned to a public non-profit organization (municipalities, tourism departments, organizations, associations, etc.)

The awards are bestowed during an official ceremony of the festival.

An additional award may be assigned by the organizers for contribution to the promotion of the tourism potential of Bulgaria.

Those of the winners who are not able to attend the Official ceremony would receive their award via mail. All the distributional costs for the awards and certificates are an obligation to the participant.